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How Human Ear Translates Vibrations Into Sounds: Discovery Of Ion Channel Turns Ear On Its Head
Echo vision: The man who sees with sound
New insights into progressive hearing loss
Hairs grown from stem cells could restore hearing to the deaf - Telegraph
Virtual Tour of the Ear: HANAVAN
Secrets of the inner ear exposed
Can you hear me now? How the inner ear's sensors are made
Anatomy of the Human Ear
First Acoustic Metamaterial 'Superlens' Created
Acoustic Lens
ars auditus-Grundlagen Akustik (german)
tips on studio design, acoustics, and wiring
Music for the sacculus: A blast from the past
Coefficient Chart
A duck quack doesn't echo, and noone knows the reason why
Acoustics and Soundproofing for High End Audio Applications
IRCAM Wave Field Synthesis
RPG Diffusor Systems
Acoustic Treatment and Design for Recording Studios and Listening Rooms
Headphone HiFi
Advanced Acoustics - Articles
YouTube - Midge Ure: Studio SOS
Archives of Acoustics - Archiwum Akustyki
The complete acoustical material, Roundffusor1
Absorption Databases
ESS Articles Page
Orpheus Acoustics
Interesting Thing of the Day: Anechoic Chambers
Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics
Visual Acoustics
Truth or Consequences: Improve Your Studio's Acoustics
Audio calculations online -sengpielaudio
Music Acoustics UNSW
ARC-The first and only room correction system in a plug-in for DAW-based studios
Acoustics :: View topic - Paul's STUDIO BUILD DIARY
Acoustics Forum :: Index
Hearing The Sound Of Quantum Drums
Hypersonic Soundbeam
Sound Beams-The Future: Schizophrenia Is The New Ad Gimmick
Brass instrument (lip reed) acoustics: an introduction
Acoustics | Acoustics News, Research and Current Events
Acoustics - News - Science - The New York Times
Handbook for Acoustic Ecology
Master Handbook of Acoustics (Book)
Architectural Acoustics (Book)
Acoustic Absorbers and Diffusers: Theory, Design, and Application (Book)



An "Invisibility Cloak" For Sound?
"Silence machine" zaps unwanted noise
..:: Extreme Isolation Headphones ::..
Proportionate Sound
The Sound of Silence
Top noise-canceling headphones
YouTube - Microsoft Research on Noise Cancellation
Making the world a quieter place
Vette Doctors - Corsa Reflective Sound Cancellation
Playlist: Review: Noise-canceling headphones
Playlist: In-ear-canal headphone primer
EAR3 Sonic Threat Indicator ear and hearing protection
New Therapies Fight Phantom Noises of Tinnitus
Soundproofing - By Drummers For Drummers
NPC Noise Effects on Wildlife Fact Sheet
Quiet, Please! How Noise Pollution Could Send You to the Hospital
One Square Inch
in pursuit of silence
Noise Control in Buildings (Book)
Noise and Health (Book)
Decibel Hell: The Effects of Living in a Noisy World (Book)



Finally... sounding out the secrets of Stonehenge - Yorkshire Post
Geniet: Archaeocosmology
Archaeoacoustics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
archaeoacoustics : Ancient acoustics
Was Maya Pyramid Designed to Chirp Like a Bird?
Acoustical Society of America-Archaeological acoustic study of chirped echo from the Mayan pyramid at Chichen Itza, in the Yucatan Region of Mexico ... Is this the world's oldest known sound recording?
Archaeoacoustic Player
Megalithic Sound and Landscape - Introduction
Steven J. Waller's Rock Art Acoustics Page
Great Moments in Science - Silencing Sound
Why the Greeks could hear plays from the back row
John Reid
The Da Vinci chapel echoes to sound of Saturn
Acoustic Silbury-Steve Marshall
IngentaConnect The Acoustic Raindrop Effect at Mexican Pyramids: The Architects'...
Mayans 'played' pyramids to make music for rain god
Ancient chanting influenced temple designs
ccrma.stanford- Acoustics08.pdf
Maeshowe - Acoustics in Maeshowe
Aaron Watson Archaeology Research > Projects > Archaeoacoustics
Archaeoacoustics: Introduction
Archaeological Acoustics Project
The Lost Secret of the Ancient Monument Builders is Finally Coming to Light!
Archaeoacoustics edited by Chris Scarre and Graeme Lawson (Book)




Sound Glossary - A -> D
List of file formats - Wikipedia
File Format List - The Sonic Spot
Google Trends
Ultimate Band List
live music map Ø concert tickets √ Band tracker »
Audiogalaxy: Glossary of Musical Styles
WikiAudio:Encyclopedia and database for all things audio & sound related - WikiAudio
The Music Resource for Fans and Music Industry Resource for Musicians: Songstuff
The Practice Room: Making Music
Welcome to MusicBrainz! - MusicBrainz
Music Thing- blog
Digital Music Mag - Sound & Stuff
Inside Home
Web_Links - Audio Recording School
Bass Player
recording | microphones | condenser microphones
Roadies in the Midst - Touring with the Red Hot Chili Peppers
As Pitch in Opera Rises, So Does Debate
A-432 in Fiddle Tune Albums and Performance
Music special: Five great auditory illusions - being-human
mipa award 2008 - nominees & winner
The secret of the Stradivarius violin's success? Woodworms
Sound Pulses Exceed Speed of Light | LiveScience
The new shape of music: Music has its own geometry, researchers find
Health & Safety for Guitarists & other Musicians
Don't Play With Pain
Singing and Fitness
10 Tips for a Healthy Voice | LiveScience
Secret to Sexy Saxophonists Revealed
Sexy People Sound Better
Showing the Mechanics of Making Music
EARS: ElectroAcoustic Resource Site
Nyquist Shannon sampling theorem - Wikipedia
Thinking About Recorded Music
Reality Sandwich | The Ghosts in our Machines
SoundCloud Threatens MySpace as Music Destination for Twitter Era | Epicenter |
Twitter for Audio Engineers and Knob Twiddlers
What Myspace means to Murdoch
Outfoxed - Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism
Get out of MySpace, bloggers rage at Murdoch
Facebook offers up users as marketing tool
With friends like these ... Tom Hodgkinson on the politics of the people behind Facebook
MySpace Is The Trojan Horse Of Internet Censorship
Human Voice Works Like a Jet Engine
YouTube - The Experiment
Essential tones of music rooted in human speech
Hit Song Science - Home
Algorithm Judges Musical Hit Potential : Discovery News
Recording Consoles of the Twentieth Century
New implant may 'bring music to the deaf' - tech - 12 June 2007
Popping pill may prevent hearing loss
Hair clue to temporary deafness
Cochlear implant - Wikipedia
Light opens up a world of sound for the deaf
Mix Magazine audio quality essay about quality in audio industry
Professional audio studio engineering quality and the business of professional audio mixing
Bob Dylan says modern music is worthless
YouTube - Explorer Wade Davis on our amazing "ethnosphere": TEDTalks
Global Beat Fusion: The History of the Future of Music
Fourier Series
dspGuru: DSP Central
Alexey Lukin- Extrabit dithering
Sample Rate Conversion Comparisons (96kHz to 44.1kHz)
The Listening Sessions
Body movement to create music
The Science of Hit Songs
The Ink and Paint of Music
Prodigy, 12, Compared To Mozart
Adorno Meets "Lo-Fi" Rock
Scientists Discover Key to Fashion Trends
Articles - Electronic Music, Multimedia, Science and Technology
Why Do We Love Music?
Probing Question: Are artists born or taught?
Eventful - Events, Concerts, Tickets, Festivals, Music
The Music of Time - 01
Music Tickles Strong Memories
Instrument Jokes
Musician Jokes
Musician's Joke Page
Fuzzy Logic
Music "Stuff" Links: A Few Of My Favourite Things
Historical Reasoning Why 2009 Will Be A Great Year for Music
Freelance Event and Production Technician Directory
TweakHeadz Lab BookStore for Home and Project Studio Musicians
Digital Audio Explained-Nika Aldridge (Book)
Sound System Engineering (Book)
Audio Systems Design and Installation (Book)
Dave Smith (RBMA Tokyo 2014 Lecture)

Tuvan Throat Singing
Genghis Blues: DVD
Tuva or Bust! Richard Feynman's Last Journey: Books: Ralph Leighton
Inuit Throat-Singing
U B U W E B :: Tuvan Throat Singing
Tuvan Overtone Singing: Harmonics Out of Place
Spectral Voices
Fusica - Overtone Singing
Friends of Tuva
Tran Quang Hai & Bach Yen website
A miraculous method of singing

Bio/ Psycho-Acoustics

Inaudible High-Frequency Sounds Affect Brain Activity
Legally High - Altered States without Drugs
The Musical Octave
Planetware: The Cosmic Octave
MuSICA Research Notes: V V, I 2, Spring 1998
Tom Kenyon
Space Sounds 8 CDs
Planetary Sounds: Sounds from the Huygens Microphone
A Visionary Sound Arts Interface
The Music of DNA: The Building Block of Life
Dolphins Learn Music
Babies Use Rhythms to Adapt to Their Culture, Study Hints
Babies Know Happy From Sad Songs
Sonic Bloom - Organic Nutrients for your plants, garden or farm
iMusic Series by Volition Thought House: your Soundtrack for Success
Tama-Do The Academy of Sound, Color and Movement
DNA Wiring: DNA as Radio Transmitter / DNA as Magnetic Superconductor
French Physicist Creates New Melodies-Plant Songs
Joel Sternheimer -- Protein Music -- French Patent # 2,136,737
Babies tune in to foreign beats
The Science of Hit Songs
It's official! Listening to women pays off
Department of Dark Notes and Forbidden Beats
Lane Arye, Ph.D.
The music of the spheres
Table of Contents: Spirit of Ma'at Vol 3, No 3, Music of the Spheres
Sympathetic Vibratory Physics - John W. Keely...
Steven Halpern's Inner Peace Music - E-zine
VoiceSync home page
21st Link--Bibliography, Psychoactivity
Dolphin Assisted Therapy 1995 Symposium - Eldon Byrd
Entheosound- Peruvian Whistling Vessels
Speaking Tonal Languages Promotes Perfect Pitch
Music and the Brain -- [ NEUROSCIENCE ] -- What is the secret of music's strange power?
Scientists 'find key to hearing'
Music for athletes
The Physiology of Music, Peter Huebner, Natural Music Creation, The Science of Music -

ISVR - Institute of Sound and Vibration Research-acoustics,noise,teaching,consultancy,biomedical,fluid dynamics,automotive,audiology,signal processing,hearing and balance,active noise control
Tunes create context like language: Maths shows why tonal music is easy listening.
Music Leaves Its Mark on the Brain
American Scientist Online - Laughter
Bachorowski Lab: Laugh Sounds
The School of Pythagoras
International Lambdoma Research Institute
B. Hero-Strawberry Hill Farm Studio
Phi-Music Microtone/Brainwave Generator
DNA Music, Fractal Music, Microtonal, Phi Harmonics
Welcome to Genome Music by Todd Barton
Cosmic Log : Music of the genes
Fractal Music Lab
multidimensionalmusic / La musique Multidimensionale
Harmony and Proportion:the Square Root of 2
The vOICe - Seeing with Sound
Crop Circles and Sound
NeuroSonics, Inc.
Metroactive Features | Shamans-EURO machine
Dancing to the Tune of an Unknown Drummer
Seeking The New Sound
Back to 432 Hz
Myths-Dreams-Symbols-The Number 432
Omega432 The frequency of Light - 432hz Music Store - Natural Tuning Consciousness
432 hz, the universal frequency
Tree Listening Device
Sound 101 :: Bad Vibes Horrible Sounds
Tree Listening Device
The Cosmic Octave: Origin of Harmony, Planets, Tones, Colors, the Power of Inherent Vibrations: Cousto (Book)
The Secret Sound of Plants (Book)
Form, Sound, Colour..Gimbel (Book)





Brain-Computer Interfaces

Scienceline: Tapping the Brain's Electric Music
The Scientist : Mental music
Mind-controlled prosthetic arm plays the piano
IBVA Technologies, Inc.
Microsoft's mind reading patent
The brain scan that can read people's intentions
New Toys Read Brain Waves
Computer to Read Minds

How to Control Things Using Your Brain (and Open-Source Hardware) | Cyborg Nation

Begley: Mind Reading Is Now Possible
"Brain Reading" Device Can Predict What People See
Tiny Brain-Like Computer Created
Electrode cap allows users to think themselves along a virtual street.
Brain Cells Fused with Computer Chip
Brain Implants
'Thoughts read' via brain scans
Berlin Brain-Computer Interface
Coming soon: mind reading computers
Cap Harnesses Human Thought to Move PC Cursor
Teaching computers to read minds
Scary or sensational? A machine that can look into the mind
Brain Scanners Can See Your Decisions Before You Make Them
The arrival of mind-reading machines
Device Turns Thoughts Into Speech



Piracy is Good?

Future of Music Coalition
Future of Music-Dave Kusek interview on Well-Rounded Radio
Gerd Leonhard on the Future of Music
Book: The Future of Music : Manifesto for the Digital Music Revolution
YouTube - Kirstin Thomson of Future of Music Coalition @ Ignite Philly
The Consumer Conundrum: Quality Vs. Cost Vs. Convenience
PSW Recording Forums: Is a band sound dead?
The Problem With Music
The Free Music Philosophy (v1.4 - June 17, 1998)
List of Free Music Advocates
Intellectual Property Updates - Negativland
phutyle international - anti copyright declaration
Anti - Copyright
Copyright Law is Wrong
Against Copyright - CopyLeft - Against Patent...
The Free Music Philosophy as adopted by Irdia...
fUSION Anomaly. Free Music Philosophy
Intro to Free Music Philosophy
Philosophy of the GNU Project - Free Software...
Free Music Public License
The Free Music Movement
BBC NEWS | Technology | Will Apple pick music's digital locks?
Apple - Thoughts on Music
The Bus: Is the RIAA genuinely evil?
Big labels are f*cked, and DRM is dead - Peter Jenner | The Register
All Major Labels to Stream Free Music on
Free Culture Flash game - Boing Boing
THE FREE CULTURE GAME | Molleindustria
Edge: BETTER THAN FREE By Kevin Kelly
The Magic of Copyright by John Snyder (TuneCorner)



Sound Wave Energy - RESEARCH
Dr. Sir Peter Guy Manners, M.D., D.O., L.B.C....
Cymatics & Sozra's Music Art Painting Video
Cymatics a study of Wave Phenomena by Hans Jenny
Cymatics: A Study of Wave Phenomena & Vibration: Hans Jenny (Book)
YouTube - CymaGlyph Demos with John Stuart Reid - NEW

Evan Grant: Making sound visible through cymatics


D.I.Y. Audio MAKE: technology on your time
Make your own ambisonic soundfield type microphone
Turning a speaker into a microphone - Class T Amp audiophile amplifiers
Autocostruire - made in italy audio
World Tube Audio Portal - Category DIY Tube Amplifiers
Pass D.I.Y. - DIY Audio, Amplifiers, Preamps and Speakers
DIY Audio & Video - Lalena
ESP Projects Pages - DIY Audio and Electronics
Pete Millett's DIY Audio pages - audio projects by fanatics, for fanatics
Diy Mobile Audio
audioXpress - Home
Promitheus« DIY Audio Web site
Raymond's DIY audio pages
DIY audio cables
Mostly Audio
Prodigy Professional :: Index-DIY Forum
Dan McGrath's Subwoofer Project
Death Star [Subwoofer] Plans : For Imperial Eyes Only
The Altmann DIY Turntable
Making your own MIDI Cables
DIY AUDIO PROJECTS - Hi-Fi Audio Projects for DIY Audiophiles to create your own DIY cables, XLR, TRS, studio cables
Instructables - exploring, tech, music - DIY & How To
MAKE: Blog: Music Archives
muio interface: introduction
totally ghetto not-midi taplight computer music making interface
GetLoFi-Circuit Bending Synth DIY
Jean Hiraga's Super Class-A Amplifier


Electric Power Generators

Electricity Generation
Electricity F.A.Q.
fUSION Anomaly. Sound Wave Energy
Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices
Free Electricity, Free Energy, No More Energy Bills, energy liberty
Integrity Research Institute
ABC News: Charging Your Cell Phone With Your Hand?
New Device Turns Waste Heat into Electricity
Japan plugs into fuel cells in homes - Green Machines
evert-fluid-tech evert-rotor-tech
YouTube - Human Powered P/A Research by Rock The Bike
About The Magnificent Revolutionary Cycling Cinema
Magnificent Revolution
How this 12inch miracle tube could halve heating bills
Build your own pedal power bike generator Bike Stand
Coachella bike generator cell phone charger
Pedal Power - A How-To Guide
Alternator and Racing Cycle Generator
Rinky Dink- bicycle energy
Gratis stroom rechtstreeks uit de aarde
Sunshine Superpower
"How to make a solar power generator"
A solar solution for world power
Technology Review: Cheap, Superefficient Solar
Meyl - Scalarwave-Technology - Energy invention suppression cases
Torsion field - Wikipedia
Windbelt - Third World Power - Wind Generator
Windstream Power Systems
Scientists look high in the sky for power / Jet stream could fill global energy needs
Infinite Energy Magazine Online
The men who can produce limitless amounts of clean, free energy
Nikola Tesla Page, Tesla's power receiver
Tesla's Wireless Energy... For the 21st Century!!!
Wireless energy could power consumer, industrial electronics
Build Your Own Howard Johnson Magnetic Motor
Chukanov Quantum Energy, LLC
Aethmogen - November 2001 Golden Ratio Motor
The Home of Primordial Energy
Free Energy Website
Power of the Future: 10 Ways to Run the 21st Century
Ein neues Sonnensystem - Mars
Directory:Perendev Power Developments Pty (Ltd) - PESWiki
KeelyNet Loader Page - 2003
Faraday Lab Ltd, scientific research and development
The JLN Labs home page
The Tom Bearden Website
The Institute For New Energy: Advanced Physics
'Major discovery' from MIT primed to unleash solar revolution


E.V.P. -Electronic Voice Phenomena

Reverse Speech - Voices From The Unconscious
Electronic Voices From Beyond the Grave
Psychic Energies and Tape Recorders
Electronic Voice Phenomena
homepage WorldITC
VTF - The German Association For Transcommunication Research
"Electronic Voice Phenomenon"
Youtube: Ghost Evidence- EVP
Electronic Voice Phenomena
paranormal voices manifesting in space or registered on tape - electronic voice phenomenon - transcommunication and physical mediumship
Electronic voice phenomenon-themystica
Your Inner Voice is the Sound of Light!
electronic voice phenomenon (EVP)-skepdic
Stax Records And A Paranormal Connection! Artie Wayne On The Web


Film Sound/ Sound Design/ Foley/ Voice Acting dedicated to the Art of Film Sound Design & Film Sound Theory
Audio Cookbook Film Music & Soundtracks
Sound and Vision: The New Yorker
Scoring for Film
Voiceover Bulletin Board
Audio Atrocities (TM)
Ken Stone's Final Cut Pro/ Audio
Location Sound: The Basics and Beyond
Production Recording- Chapter 5
An Introduction To 'Production Music'
sound design for the moving image / rob bridgett
porn foley artist
YouTube - The Alchemists of Sound (Part 1)
YouTube - The fine art of foley
Foley in Films, Television, and Games
Foley Recording Adds Audio Detail to Film Soundtracks
IP Foley Artist
Gamasutra - Feature - "Hollywood Sound: Part One"
Gamasutra - Feature - "Hollywood Sound: Part Two"
Gamasutra - Feature - "Hollywood Sound: Part Three"
Voice Acting | Marketplace for Voice Overs, Voice Over Talent and Voice Actors
Voice123 - Marketplace - Voice Overs, Voice Actors, and Talents - voice-overs artists
Auditions - talk
Adventures in Voice Acting - Wikipedia
BBC New Talent - Drama - Andrew Diey's guide to sound design
Film Sound History Timeline
filmsound daily
Film Sound Theory
Arnte's McGurk-video
film sound
film sound daily
foley-artistry blog
film music magazine
skywalker sound blog

Vegetable Violence from tim prebble on Vimeo.

sonic terrain
AcousticLight - Direct to Stereo Recording
impossible acoustic
everyday listening
Benoit Tigeot Sound Blog » Benoit Tigeot Sound Blog
engine audio
noise for a noise
noise jockey
post production sound blog
Colin Hart . Sound Design
Sound Design & Sound Effect Recording for Games & Media
The Sonic Spread
sound design, Italy
silent listening
the educated sound designer
designing sound
dev snd
unidentified sound object
Audio-Vision: Michel Chion, Claudia Gorbman, Walter Murch: (Book)



Definition of Frequency bands
Brainwave Frequency Bibliography
Rick's Sound Frequency Page
Frequencycharts Barbara Hero
Hertz frequencies, correspondences
FREQUENCIES of musical notes types
Ruben's Tube


Game Audio -- Bigger Than Big: The Game Audio Explosion
Mix magazine AudioNext column - Middleware for Game Audio Production
FMOD music & sound effects system
VGMusic - 26,102 Game Music MIDI files
Games Aren't Kabuki: Sound Theory
gamessound-DB-podcast.mp3 sound in interactive media
Video Game Audio Theory and practice of video game music, sound effects and dialogue
Gamasutra - Features
AUDIO FOR GAMES | Articles | Post Magazine
ZEROGcs - Creating Sound for Games
O'Reilly -- Julian Kwasneski: Inside Game Audio
Meaningful Noise :: Game sound
game sound design
Game Sound - The MIT Press (Book)



The grounding and shielding of audio devices pg. 1
A Perspective on Noise in Audio and Video Systems
Shakti-electromagnetic stabilizer
Studio Connections - Wiring a Studio: THE GROUND RULES - Contents
Curing Ground Loops
Avoiding Ground Loop Hum
PcMus: Ground Loops and Power in Studios.
Ground Loops, or 'Let Me Hum A Few Bars' [SMR]
Ground loop problems and how to get rid of them

Hemisync/Binaural Beats/Isochronic Tones/Monaural Beats

Free Binaural Beats and Forum - Isochronic Tones
Use Of Isochronic Tones In Brainwave Entrainment (BWE)
free binaural beat music-sound|on|mind
free binaural beat meditation tracks-matthew lyon
The Monroe Institute - Hemi-Sync Audio Technology
Focusing the Whole Brain
Center for Neuroacoustic Research
Holosync: Centerpointe Research Institute
Hemisync explained
Hemi-Sync and the Facilitation of Sensory Integration
Dane Spotts
Robert Monroe
Design for a Microtone and Brain Wave Generator by Wayne J. Kirby
BrainWave Generator
binaural beat brainwave syncronization tapes ...
SBaGen - Binaural Brain Wave Experimenter's Lab
sbagen-users Info Page
Harmony Central®: Hypnos Vocoder Features Brainware Entrainment
BrainJav - Bret Logan Software
Gnaural Java - Entrain Your Brain!
..:: MIRANON ::..
Make a pair of Audiostrobe-compatible LED glasses for use with brainwave entrainment software
Focusing the Whole Brain: Transforming Your Life With Hemispheric Synchronization: Ronald Russell (Book)


High Definition Audio

SACD and DVD-A don't deliver 'perfect-er sound' forever
Hi Fi Writer - How good is high resolution audio?
SACD vs. DVD-Audio: High Definition Formats Evaluation
Dynamic Comparison of CD, DVD-A, SACD - Part 1 - Audioholics
CD vs. DVD-A vs. SACD
DVD-Audio News: AAC Chosen for DVD-ROM Zone of DVD-Audio Discs
Hi-Rez Highway
The Super Audio CD | SA-CD | SACD Reference
DVD-Audio, SACD - High Fidelity Review
SACD Reviews, DVD Reviews, CD Reviews - Audiophile Audition
Recording Tip | Making a High-Definition Audio DVD Using Roxio Toast


Holographic/3D Projection

Madonna & Gorillaz
Musion Eyeliner Hologram Projector for 3D Virtual Presentations
Holographic projection coming to laptops, PDAs and mobile phones
Laser Magic Productions, lasers, holograms, special effects
The Holovideo Page by Mark Lucente
Hologram - Mental Training Workgroup
Holographic files
Holography Lasers and Holograms
The Laser, Optics, and Holography Ring - Sam'...
Holograms, Holography, Holographic, Holographs, Holographic Projection
YouTube - Nessie
YouTube - holographic opening of live earth
YouTube - 3D hologram
U2 3D: The First Live-Action 3D Concert Movie, Featuring U2
Shine A Light | The Rolling Stones | IMAX
3ality 3D Autostereoscopic and Stereoscopic Displays
YouTube - Holographic TV in Brazil
Nick Sears demos the Orb
3D TV -- Without the Glasses (w/ Video)
The world at your fingertips: 3DTV where you can touch the floating images
Touchable Holograms
NVIDIA 3D Vision

Impulse Responses

Audio Ease Impulse Responses
Impulse Responses Made by Fokke van Saane
Noisevault-Impulse Responses
CKSDE - Sounds-IRs
NumericalSounds- IRs


Infrasound (<20 Hz)

The Sound of Music: Infrasound and Humans | Serendip's Exchange
Liverpool - Soundless Concert Stirs The Emotions
INFILTEC: How to Build an Inexpensive Microbarograph - infrasound detection kit
Infrasound Research-KNMI homepage: Evers, L.G. (LŠslo)
BBC NEWS | Organ music 'instils religious feelings'
IRF Infrasound Viewer
New Journey Ghost Research -Infra-Sound Research
Sonic boom | | Guardian Unlimited Arts
What is Infrasound?
Infrasound: Air Seismology
Infrasound by John D. Cody
Qi Gong Research -- Infrasound Pro Massager
'infrasound' links
Develop Your Very Own Infrasound Monitoring Device
Acoustical Society of America - Infrasound Method
Gavreau's Infrasound Weapons
Elephant Infrasound
Interspecies Homepage
KNMI Infrasound- Bolide over Germany
Nostrafon by Novafon - The Infrasound (subsonic)
Feeling around infrasound..
Worldwide Change in Blue Whale's Song Baffles Scientists

Sound On Sound
Pro Sound News Home Page
Mix Magazine Online
Audiophilia Online Magazine
EQ magazine
Computer Music
Computer Music Journal
Leonardo Music Journal
Future Music : Pete Rock


Digital Domain - CD Mastering, Replication
The Practice of Mastering - 1 : History
The Practice of Mastering - 2 : Means, Functions and Underlying Logic
The Practice of Mastering - 3 : The Position of Electroacoustics
Mastering - MacMusic
EQ index
Masters on Mastering - Bob Ludwig, Stephen Marcussen, Steve Hall - Engineers
BBC - How to... Mastering (page 1)
CD Mastering - The Digital Myth
Mastering board
Har-Bal- Visual Mastering - Online CD Mastering
Mike Rivers web pages
How to get those SUPER Loud Mixes? -
Loudness war - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mastering Articles
riaa backgrounder 1 - Introduction
RIAA equalization - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mastering Audio: The Art and the Science: Bob Katz (Book)
Mastering - The Movie
YouTube - The Loudness War

Steve Guttenberg: I am an Audiophile


Multi Tasking

Figaro! Figaro! Training the Multitasking Brain
Closing the mind's eye
Top 10 Dancing musicians
Shoehorn - Tap Dancing Saxophonist
Multi-tasking - Music - The Phoenix
Joe Barrick's one-man band
Multitasking is hardest in the early morning
Multitasking Madness
Tips for Singing and Playing Guitar Simultaneously



Music Education

Wired News: Web 2.0 Replaces Music Teachers
14 Sites That Help You Practice Music More Effectively
John Taylor Gatto
YouTube - Do schools today kill creativity? (Ken Robinson, TEDTalks)
The Perfect Pitch Ear Training SuperCourse
Berklee Shares
Music Education Magic
Study: How to Give Music Lessons to Babies
Passive Learning Imprints On The Brain Just Like Active Learning

Music Industry News/ Blogs/ Forums

OSX Audio
Synthtopia -Electronic music news
Harmony Central
Simon Hunt's 2005 Mega Sound Link List
Digital Audio Forums
PSW Recording Forums
Recording, Pro Sound Portal: tips, help
Sonic Control Pro audio Industry news
Music and the Mind
AudioWorld OnLine
Composing recording mastering
Multimedia Production Forums
The Recording Project :: Recording Forums Index
Drum&Bass Arena Forums
gearslutz post
wire to the ear
Time+Space Blog
Music of Sound
Synthesizer and electronic music news
Six Volt System - audio software news and reviews
Modulate This! - A Blog for Electronic Music Artists
inside synthesis
I Have Synth
bedroom producers blog
Home |
Plughugger - the music tech review blog - News
Binary Heap
Audio Geek Zine
sync sound cinema


Mcclain-Musical Theory&Cosmology
Diletsky circle.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Melody + Mathematics = A Noteworthy Combination (Summer 2004)
Scale of Time-J. Furia
Sacred Solfeggio Frequencies - Abrahadabra Forums
The Bohlen-Pierce Scale
whitney music box var. 0 - chromatic - 48 tines
Music Theory Online
Ricci Adams'
Dutch Journal of Music Theory / Tijdschrift voor Muziektheorie
British Postgraduate Musicology | Home
ECHO Archives
Popular Musicology Online - ISSN 1357-0951
Current Musicology
Internet Public Library: Music History 102
NPR : TechnoPop: The Secret History of Technology and Popular Music
HoTM - History of Technology of Music
Eric Kuehnl's Writing Page: A Brief History of Computer Music
Music Technology & Music of the Future
Wave of the Future
History of Film Sound
Recording Technology History
Recording Technology History 2
Home Page for the National Music Museum
Schiller Institute Verdi Tuning-- brief history
History of the Guitar
History of Tuning and Temperament
Pythagoras Astronomy & Music Links
Philosophy of Technology-Music
Alternate Temperaments: Theory and Philosophy
Oddmusic - experimental music , odd music, musical instruments,music resources
CNMAT Computer Music
Tonic (music)
Vintage Synth Explorer
European microphones
Vintage microphones
Global Sound Conference
Anahata Nada
Karlheinz Stockhausen's New Morphology of Musical Time
YouTube - Trailer for Raymond Scott: On To Something
Stop. Hey. What's That Sound?
10 * bLog (p²)
The Record Effect: The New Yorker
Audio Culture: Readings in Modern Music: Christoph Cox, Daniel Warner (Book)
Funk: The Music, the People, and the Rhythm of the One (Book)
The Music of Time: Preston B. Nichols, Peter Moon (Book)
Alien Rock: The Rock 'n' Roll Extraterrestrial Connection: Michael Luckman (Book)
Music and the Soul: A Listener's Guide to Achieving Transcendent Musical Experiences (Book)
The Rebirth of Hindu Music by Dane Rudhyar (Book)
Dane Rudhyar - The Magic of Tone and the Art of Music (Book)
Harmonograph: A Visual Guide to the Mathematics of Music: Anthony Ashton (Book)
The World Is Sound: Nada Brahma: Music and the Landscape of Consciousness: Joachim-Ernst Berendt (Book)
YouTube - The Axis of Awesome 4 Chords
World Science Festival 2009: Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale
displaced sounds
sound and music
music thinktank
Music Meets The Computer


Narcotics/ Musical Performance Enhancing Drugs

Social effects of rock and roll
Brain drugs are new doping frontier
Musicians & Drugs - Jazz Bulletin Board
The PLAYBOY PANEL , narcotics and the jazz musicians
Using chemistry to create better music / Legal drugs have become ubiquitous in orchestra world to relax the nerves
Beta Blockers and Performance Anxiety
Music, Musicians and MDMA | Campaign For Real Music
The Partial Observer - Performance Enhancing Drugs for Musicians?
The ampakine CX717 improves performance on tests of memory, attention, alertness, reaction time and problem solving
Awakening in the Dream House-Integrative Ibogaine Addiction Therapy
Ibogaine | Ibogaine Treatment | Addiction Interruption Therapy
The Ibogaine Dossier. Ayahuasca. Plant of the Gods. Amsterdam Drug Magazine
Incense Found To Be Psychoactive
GHB: The First Authentic Antidepressant
Salvia divinorum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
How Hallucinogenic Sage Works
New Scientist Breaking News - Marijuana makes blood rush to the head
The psychedelic secrets of Santa Claus
The Truth Seeker - The Marijuana Trick
LSD reveals its secrets | Science News | Connected | Telegraph
Albert Hofmann Foundation
Psychedelic Information Theory : Home Page
The Magic Mushroom and Atlantis: The Magic Mushroom and the Stargate
Mushroom users turn to alternatives
Psychedelic Mushrooms Have Spiritual Benefit - Associated Content
Ayahuasca - National Geographic
Rick Strassman. DMT: The Spirit Molecule. Weavings.
TRIPZINE.COM : Psychedelic Culture
Erowid Library : Online Books


Neurology/ Music & the Brain
Brain Music: Putting The Brain's Soundtracks To Work
Can internal 'brain music' be used in therapy?
Musicians' Brains 'Fine-Tuned' to Identify Emotion
What you see affects what you hear (Videos)
Playing Music Makes You Smart
Why Are Musicians Creative?
This Is Your Brain on Jazz: Researchers Use MRI to Study Spontaneity, Creativity
Experience, Not Genetics, Affects Musicians Brain Responses
Creative thinking: try lying down
Your Brain Boots Up Like a Computer
Brainwave NYC
How to get your brain up to speed
Access : Electric currents boost brain power
Magnetic Fields and Brain Wave Entrainment
Enchanted Mind - The Science of Creativity
The Frontal Lobes Supercharge - NEil Slade's Amazing Brain Music Adventure
Synesthesia and Artistic Experimentation
The man who heard his paintbox hiss
Synaesthete makes sweet music-Professional musician distinguishes intervals with her tongue.
The colour of music
Synthetic Telepathy: and The Early Mind Wars
Hearing meteors: the conspiracy | forgetomori
Meditation builds up the brain
Meditate on This: Buddhist Tradition Thickens Parts of the Brain
Meditation 'good for brain'
The benefits of yoga and meditation on musical performance
Biofeedback Software for Mind Body Harmony
Top 10 Songs Stuck in Your Head
Researcher confirms existence of 'earworms' / 98% of people have had songs stuck in their head
Oliver Sacks on Earworms, Stevie Wonder and the View From Mescaline Mountain
Can't get it out of my head
'Brain itch' keeps songs in the head
Lassi*aL - Articles - World_of_INMI_research
Estrogen controls how the brain processes sound
Why Music Moves Us
Eavesdropping on the music of the brain
Seeing the brain hear reveals surprises about how sound is processed
Unintentional Music: Releasing Your Deepest Creativity (Book)
Direct Note Acces


New Musical Instruments/ Interfaces

celemony_ :: Direct Note Access :: Interview
Gibson Guitar With Automatic Tuning
The Moog Guitar
YouTube - multitouch general midi
YouTube - waveTable: demo 01
YouTube - Blackbox Soundmachine
Beat Blocks
YouTube - the reacTogon - chain reactive performance arpeggiator
YouTube - The Bubblegum Sequencer - Making Music With Candy
Radio Baton
Lightning II
222e Multidimensional Kinesthetic Input Port module
Marimba Lumina
Starr Labs
Riday T-91 MIDI Controller
GypsyMIDI Motion Capture MIDI Controller
Samchillian Tip Tip Tip Cheeepeeeee
Experimental Musical Instruments
New Interfaces for Musical Expression
home page for Bill Buxton
Nick Collins- machine listening research
Toplap-Live coding
Timothy Wisdom - D'Groove-haptic force feedback turntable
NuVJ Video Controller by ArKaos and Numark
YouTube - Rudess Meets Bebot
- - - : : : CONTROLLERISM : : : - - -
Art of Sound Contest
Trimpin movie
YouTube - Phoning It In - The Making Of
YouTube - otamatone??
YouTube - Jordan Rudess Meets Wivi Band
Tšken Experience - Egolucion
Reactable Ð Reactable mobile
Sonoma Wire Works - Multitrack Recording for iPad
How the Tablet Will Change the World | Magazine

Ableton Transport Control for Serato - How it Works


Online Music Collaboration

in Bb 2.0 - a collaborative music/spoken word project
Rock Band Network // Rock Band¨
YouTube Announces 'YouTube Symphony Orchestra' Program -
Jamglue - Remixing for the Masses
Splice: Make Music. Remix Music. > Meet. Mix. Mashup.
ccMixter - Welcome to ccMixter
MusicBeam-AU/VST plugin for online music collaboration - Free Music Collaboration Tools, Online Virtual Bands
YourSpins: Remix music online - Blog your mix - Share and meet other remixers - Your Song. Hear - online music community -
RemixGalaxy - Home
Dopetracks beta -online freestyle community
NINJAM - Novel Intervallic Network Jamming Architecture for Music
Sonoma Wire Works
eJamming AUDiiO
ItchyClips- Building Blocks of Music
One of UK's brightest startups: SoundCloud - a Tech & Science video - Worldwide Music Collaboration on the Net | Visit
Ohm Studio | Together sounds better.
Ohm Studio real time collaborative music workstation


YouTube - MusicBeamDemo
Music collaboration for virtual bands and creative commons online music makers -
LightSpeed Audio Labs
netpd-online collaboration | Online Music Project Community
Find People. Make Music. Online - Indaba Music
The Leading Web Site for Live Studio Drum Tracks and Music Production Over the Internet - Audition, Jam, Record the World - Interactive Online Music Collaboration
StudioTraxx: A Global Musician-For-Hire Collaboration Portal
Making Music Through Online Collaboration:
jam2jam - Collaborative and Generative Music Improvisation Software
Source Elements / Protools/ VST-online audio collaboration
Online Music Collaboration: Real-Time Web Jamming Is Here
The Famous New York City Live Brass Sound - On Your recording!
Michael realamp-online amping service
Haxial- KDX-file sharing
Hotline-filesharing Tools
Carracho GbR-filesharing
Tracker-Tracker for Hotline & Carracho
Collaborative Music Jamming: Videoconferencing Makes It Possible
Skype - videoconferencing&filesharing XMeeting - Video Conferencing for OS X
XMeeting - Powerful Videoconferencing Solutions for Mac OS X
The Human Network
List of social networking websites - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Kuti mixes YouTube






Free Culture - Creative Commons (1of4)
The Age of YouTube: Using Online Video to Reach the Masses
Kevin Kelly -- The Technium
musicians with blogs
Welcome | Creative Commons
ioda: independent online distribution alliance
Mixcloud - Re-think radio
estock music-Royalty Free Music, Stock Music, Creative Commons Music
SongCast - Music Distribution
Fairtilizer - The Do It Yourself Music Club
Productiontrax-Royalty Free Music and Sound Effects Library
Magnatune: license music and MP3 download | Sell Your Music Freely!
music SUBMIT-Music Promotion and internet publicity for musicians
Pump Audio- Be independent
Royalty Free Music & Audio: Search Stock Samples, Loops & Tracks |
Self Publishing -
Big Contact : Professional Audio & Video Distribution Tools : About : Musicians, Labels & More
The Top 10 Places to Promote, Sell, and Distribute Your Music
Music Promotion And Marketing Resources
The Music Biz Academy: The Music Business for the Promotion Minded
Rumblefish | Sonic Branding and Music Licensing
An Online Song Catalog & Submission/Pitching Tool for Songwriters, Song Pluggers, Publishers and Producers:
Artists First: Homepage
Music Supervisors
Crucial Music
OpenAd > The world's biggest creative department
MIMS - Musiclink
recombinant : inc
Music Ally | The digital music business experts. Online and mobile music publications, consulting, research and events.
Twones ? - Users
BBC - Music - Beta
Welcome to MusicBrainz! - MusicBrainz
Home .:. Cloudspeakers, a music aggregator of reviews, audios and videos
Prof. Lawrence Lessig Explains Creative Commons Licensing
CD Baby: sales and distribution for your music - The Social Music Revolution
PlayLouder MSP
Direct Selling from your website via Paypal - Harmony Central Musician Community Forums
David Byrne's Survival Strategies for Emerging Artists — and Megastars
Get Your Music on iTunes - A How-To Guide to Digital Distribution - How To Sell on iTunes
Transom Tools: Web Audio: MP3 Streaming
The Indie Bible: Indie Music Promotion
Indiegrrl: For Independent Women in the Arts
Guaranteed Band Promotion Ebook by Band
How to Promote & Sell Your Music on the Internet, online music marketing report
The Music Biz Academy: The Music Business for the Promotion Minded
Video Blogging-Vodcasting-Vlogging- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Podcasting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Get Signed! A&R Registry on sale, how to get a record deal info, and getting signed tips.
Rogue Amoeba - Good Software With A Bad Attitude!
SHOUTcast | Free internet radio!
Live365 Internet Radio - Thousands of Free Online Radio Stations
Welcome To!
Harmony Central®: The Bands Page
podsafe music network
Tables Turned * Home
Apple - iPod + iTunes
Hugo Schotman: Advanced Podcast studio setup with Skype and Audio Hijack Pro
Hugo Schotman: Podcasting
Howstuffworks "How Podcasting Works"
FeedBurner - Point your feed here. We'll do the rest.
US CD sales plummet as people turn to digital music downloads
Graham English, Musician 2.0
A&R, Record Label / Company, Music Publishing, Artist Manager and Music Industry Directory
YouTube: The Music Industry Mafia
Musicians Contact - Agents & bands
TAXI: record deals, publishing deal, film TV placement
The Affluenza Project - Affluneza Information Books and Resources
The Story of Stuff
Reality Sandwich | Money: A New Beginning
Reinventing Money Thomas H. Greco Jr.
Overview: The Money Syndrome
Silvio Gesell
The New Approach to Freedom-E.C.Riegel
Dieter Suhr, Neutral Money Network
Werner Onken
The Freecycle Network
All You Need to Know About the Music Business: Donald S. Passman (Book)
Confessions of a Record Producer,2 Ed: How to Survive the Scams and Shams of the Music Business (Book)

Robotics/ Artificial Intelligence

Lemur - Robot playing music

Robots That Can Skillfully Play a Musical Instrument
YouTube - AKIBA ROBOT FESTIVAL 2006: Actroid Female Robot
Musical robot composes, performs and teaches
Frankie Graffagnino - Projects :: P.E.A.R.T. - The Robotic Drum Machine
YouTube - drum robot fredy fantastico
YouTube - SlashBot: The Guitar Hero Robot - Expert Multiplayer
YouTube - Robot Drummer
YouTube - iCub Drumming
YouTube - Humanoid Robot HRP-2 Plays the drums
YouTube - Haile, the interactive robot drummer
Musical Robot A Big Hit In Japan (Video)
League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots
YouTube - Yellow Drum Machine - The original main film
Musical Robots Invade Juilliard
Musical robot composes, performs and teaches
Robot with 'human soul' explores remotely
Researchers Demonstrate Direct Brain Control Of Humanoid Robot
A Brain-Controlled Humanoid Robot
YouTube - Japanese Robots
Artificial Saraswati
Expressive Machines Musical Instruments
Microsoft Robotics Studio
The Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence
Yellow Drum Machine | Let's Make Robots!
Scientists develop artificial eye
Techies Ponder Computers Smarter Than Us
Revolutionizing Prosthetics
Breakthrough Could Lead to Artificial Life Forms
Artificial Life Likely Within 5 Years
The Virtual Girlfriend Version 3
Robots Of The Silver Screen
Honda robot conducts Detroit symphony
Robotic drumstick keeps novices on the beat
AFP: New robot 'steered by human thought': Honda
Robot band obsesses over online popularity -
YouTube - Creepy Singing Android Heads


Sound & Light Machines

An Interview with author Michael Hutchison
Brain machine 'improves musicianship'
Shiva neural stimulation
Procyon- audio visual synthesizer system
The Mind Machine Page
Mind Alive Inc. - Recent Articles
Head Mounted Displays/VR-Helmets Market Overview
i-glasses PC - Virtual Reality Head Mounted Display
How to build a cheap and simple dreamachine
Book: Megabrain: Michael Hutchinson

Sound Samples

The Freesound Project
Soundtransit Find and Share Free Sound Effects and Loops - A Place To Trade Sounds
Free Sample Library List
Philharmonia Orchestra: The Sound Exchange
Download EXS24 Samples & Instruments
Free Audio Samples - WAV, SF2, EXS, Loops, Acapella
Free Sound Effects Sample Library
The Daily .WAV
SAMPLING ZONE Free Sample Link Site - Sound Types
Sounds of the World's Animals
Wav Central: Wav Files and Sound
WAV WebRing: Navigation
Free Samples - DNBWiki
Cyberworm's sample blog


Sound Therapies

Sound Health Research Institute, Sharry Edwards
Sound Health Research Inst, Digital v Analog
Sound Health Inc
The Center for Neuroacoustic Research
BioAcoustics Therapy at The Davis Center : The World Leader in Sound Healing
Music and Sound Healing sources of info
The Thymus Chakra, Immune System & Sound Healing
The Healing Power of Sound by Simon Heather
PrimaSounds: Discovery of Chakra Music.
Center for Biomedical Research in Music
Healing Sounds with Jonathan Goldman
Healing Sounds: The Power of Harmonics: Jonathan Goldman (Book)
Preview of Interview with Jonathan Goldman
YouTube: Tibetan Sound Healing Part 1: Introduction
GoogleVideo: Dr Jeffrey Thompson - Sound and Consciousness- Part4 - 24 min -
YouTube: Vibrational Awakening: The Healing Power of Sound
Vortexmaps-Sound Healing
Applied Music & Technology - Sound Remedies -...
The Power of Sound > Soundwork Links
Sound Technologies Incorporated Into Metatones
Holographic Sound Healing
Earth Transitions-Sound Healing
The Music and Psyche Network
Sound Wave Energy - RESEARCH
Berard Auditory Integration Training Systems
Hollow Bone Music-Bach Flower Music
Welcome to Campbell
Healing Music Organization
BioWaves Sound Therapy Home
Introduction to S.O.L.F.A. Sound Therapy
sacred sound
The GongMan-Holistic-Resonance
Sound Healing: The Center of Light in Vermont
History and Development of the Bonny Method
Heartherapy - Sound as Medicine - Sound Experts
Healing Chants / Norma Gentile
Brain Sync
Music Massage Sound Therapy
Tactile Sound Massage Tables
Tuning Forks, Granton Ragg Limited
Music Therapy World
Healing With Sounds - Music Therapy
British Society for Music Therapy Home Page
American Music Therapy Association
Pets Enjoy Healing Power of Music
Music Therapy Information | music therapy Guide
Music on prescription could help treat emotional and physical pain

Julian Treasure: Shh! Sound health in 8 steps


Studio Biology

O.A.K.: New Physics-Schumann's Resonances and Human Psychobiology
EM Radiation Research Trust - Cellphones and Brain Tumors: 15 Reasons for Concern, Science, Spin and the Truth Behind Interphone
Council on Wireless Technology Impacts (CWTI)
Notes on Domestic VLF Reception
Electrical Pollution Solutions
EMR Network
Archibo Biologica
Building Biology-Australian College of Environmental Studies
BAUBIOLOGIE MAES, Baubiologie und Umweltanalytik
Next-up organisation
marburg TECHNIC - Schutz vor Elektrosmog
The BioInitiative Report
Building a Healthy Home or Healing a Sick One . . .
Lawrence J. Gust Environmental Consulting
Silencing the Fields - EMF Reduction Principles
The Dangers Of Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMF)
Power lines spark light show
YouTube - Light tubes lite up under powerlines without plugs? EMF
National Grid EMF - Effects of EMFs on equipment
Electrosensitivity - The Swedish Association for the ElectroSensitive
Electromagnetic Hazard Therapy - Simon Best
Electronic Smog
The Largest Biological Experiment - News: Mobilfunk ohne Radiowellen?
Global Scaling Application home page
Global Scaling Theory
Meyl - Scalarwave-Technology
Fliegende handy antenne
Germany Warns Citizens to Avoid Using Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi: Children at risk from 'electronic smog'
A Tinfoil Hat on Every Head
EMF Safety Garments, Bedding, & Grounding Devices
Wi-Fi as a Health Hazard
Electrical curriculum: What is Voltage?
FAQs Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)


Surround Sound

Daniel Courville: Ambisonic in the studio
Ambisonic Decider Homepage
Ambisonic Surround Sound
Ambisonic Surround Sound FAQ
Bilocation: Binaural Recording & 5.1 Surround
Ambiophonics by Ralph Glasgal
The Binaural Source FAQ Page
Setting Up a Surround Sound Studio
Surround Broadcast
Interesting Thing of the Day: Holophonic Sound
Welcome to HOLOPHONE
Sound Ideas - "What is Holophonic Sound?"
Holophonic Recording
[Chaos CD][HaBi 2]- Holophonic Sound
Beyond the stereo sound Part 1 : Multi-channel sound - MacMusic
Beyond the stereo sound Part 2 - Never 2 speakers without the 3rd dimension... - MacMusic
University of York: Music Technology Group: Sound in Space
3-D audio: above and behind you or moving low left to right?
Build a High-end Surround Stereo System around a Digital Parametric Equalizer
Audio Formats and Technology
The Binaural Source
Who invented surround sound system ?
HUT Acoustics Lab 3-D Sound Group
Sony Dynamic Digital Sound
Ultimate Spatial Audio Index
Articles on 5.1 Surround Sound
Dolby Digital
Frequently Asked Questions about Dolby Digital
Listening To Music With ProLogic
Dolby Surround Pro Logic II - The Technology and the Sound
DTS Technical Literature
SRS 3D Sound
Surround Sound Articles by John Bain
Technologies for Presentation of Surround-Sound in Headphones
Film Sound Theory
Learning from History: Cinema Sound and EQ Curves
Multichannel cinema sound ... The Essential Digital Surround Music Resource
Get Ready For Next Generation Surround Sound
surround 2011
Interview with Christopher Frommen on Surround Sound SACDs



Text To Speech & Speech Recognition

Virtual Singer
Free Expressivo Text To Speech Reader Service
Proloquo 2.0 gives Mac users who cannot speak a voice
Oddcast TTS Demo
Loquendo | Interactive TTS Demo
Acapela Demo - Text to Speech and Speech Synthesis
MacSpeech - Speech Recognition Solutions for Mac OS
Are You Talking to Me? Speech on Mac OS X
Voxonic | Freedom of Speech In Every Language
Neuroimaging Of Brain Shows Who Spoke To A Person And What Was Said



Music, Sound & Audio Tutorials - AUDIOTUTS
putte .. tutorials
Music & Instruments - How To Videos | Wonder How To
The Practice Room: Making Music
Renoise Wiki Tutorial Pages | Renoise - Video Tutorials
Trance Production .com - The Ultimate Guide to Producing Trance
The Dub Scrolls - A collection of Dub production techniques
Electronic Music Production Tips and Tricks - musicians learning from musicians
Modern Recording Techniques - Audio resources for sound engineers
Blogging Muses-songwriting tips
The Physics Classroom Tutorial-Sound Table of Contents
Make Your Studio Drum Tracks Come Alive
Tips for recording brass instruments - Helium
Articles - Drum Clinic pt. 1: Kick Drum Viagra
Tuning a Piano Yourself--A Simple Tutorial
Re-surfacing CDs so they work again.
Electronic Musician Tutorials and Tips
TweakHeadz Lab
wire to the ear: 10 ways to get back on track in the recording studio.
..:: Mixdowns ::..
Convert Frequency, Beats per minute
YouTube - Cohmpetition: The Fennec Affair (Symptohm Tutorial)
Like Tutorials? Check out our Guide To Synthesis. | Beatportal
How to Break a Glass with Your Voice - wikiHow
MeldaProduction Audio processing tutorials
Music Production Tips | Mixing Walkthrough Tricks | How To Videos
production advice
Sound Studio Construction on a Budget (Book)
Mixing with your Mind (Book)
The Art of Mixing: A Visual Guide to Recording, Engineering, and Production: David Gibson (Book)
Audio Postproduction for Digital Video: Jay Rose (Book)

Sound on Sound Magazine Tutorials:
Synth Secrets: Links to All Parts
12 sample tips
20 Tips on Home Mastering
20 tips on reducing noise
20 tips on synth programming
20 Tips on using Effects and Processors in the mix
Advanced Compression Part 1
Advanced Compression Part 2
Advanced Gating Part 1
Advanced Gating Part 2
Advanced Reverb Part 1
Advanced Reverb Part 2
ANDY MUNRO - BM6a designer
Expanding Your Effects Horizons Part 1
Expanding Your Effects Horizons Part 2
Give Digital Synths an Analogue Feel (SOS)
Mixing Multitracked Drums
sampling basics
sample shop - 1997-01
sample shop - 1997-02
sample shop - 1997-03
sample shop - 1997-04
sample shop - 1997-05
sample shop - 1997-06
sample shop - 1997-07
sample shop - 1997-08
sample shop - 1997-09
sample shop - 1997-10
sample shop - 1997-11
sample shop - 1997-12
sample shop - 1999-01
sample shop - 1999-02
sample shop - 1999-03
sample shop - 1999-04
sample shop - 1999-05
sample shop - 1999-06
sample shop - 1999-07
sample shop - 2002-06
sample shop - 2002-07
more sample tips
Multi Effects 1
Multi Effects 2
Multi Effects 3
Multi Effects 4
Multi Effects 5
Obtaining Maximum Level on your Digital Recordings
Optimising Your Monitor Setup
Portable DAT Recording on a Budget
Processors 1
Processors 2
Processors 3
Processors 4
Processors 5
Reality Bytes part 1 - making MIDI sequencing more realistic
Reality Bytes part 2 - Making realistic drum parts
Reverse Reverb
SOS Plug-Ins review (2002-01)
SOS Plug-Ins review (2002-02)
SOS Plug-Ins review (2002-03)
SOS Plug-Ins review (2002-04)
Spike Stent - his art of mixing
subtractive synthesis 1
Subtractive Synthesis 2
Synth School 1
Synth School 2
Synth School 3
Synth School 4
Synth School 5
Synth School 6
Synth School 7
Synth School 8
Synth School 9
Using EQ
Studio Acoustics 1
Studio Acoustics 2
Studio Acoustics 3
Studio Acoustics 4
Studio Acoustics 5
Mlan part4
Mlan part3
Mlan part2
Mlan part1
Money For Nothing: Behind the Business of Pop Music



Ultrasound (>20 kHz)

ECHOFONE sound therapy, accelerated learning, hearing .. The GPF-1011DSP
Scientists Levitate Small Animals
Tibetan Sound Levitation Of Large Stones Witnessed By Scientist
Scientists say nerves use sound, not electricity
UltraShape-Fat removal using Ultra Sound
Bat detector microphones
Bats Screech Louder Than Rock Concerts
BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Male mouse sings a song of love
"Solar ultrasound" waves provide clues about decades-old mysteries
Skyscript: JOHANNES KEPLER And the Music of the Spheres by David Plant
Collapsing The Wave: An Interview with J. Frederick Arment: Science Fiction in the News
Solar Ultrasound - Bass Note In Music Of The Spheres: Science Fiction in the News
Obstetric ultrasound -- a comprehensive guide...
Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Society
Howstuffworks "How Ultrasound Works"
3D Ultrasound Resource
AIUM Home Ultrasound in Medicine
Ultrasound Opens Doors in Living Cells
Ultrasound nails location of the elusive G spot - 20 February 2008
Scientists Levitate Small Animals
Cell Phone Ultrasound Device Like Trek 'Tricorder'

Veejay/ Visualizer Software

List of VJ software
Resolume VJ Software - VJ Footage & Loops - AnalogRobots
Quartonian: live performance with Quartz Composer the central source for Quartz Composer - Powered by vBulletin - Welcome to VJCentral!
U & I software
AudioVisualizers - VJ Haven - Video Synths too!
VJ Analog Recycling from Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Audiosurf: Ride Your Music
YouTube - Rez (PS2) Stage 2
Realistic special effects coming soon for home videos
Scientists Say We Can See Sound



How to press Vinyl
GZ V!NYL - manufacturing division of GZ Digital Media
Record Industry-Europe's Vinyl Pressing Plant
Zick Zack Groove dubplate-recording
my own record - your own vinyl from one piece only (suitable for scratching)
Vinylcuts - we cut your tracks on vinyl!!!
SouthWestRecords - Vinylmanufactory
vinyl recorder


Virtual Instruments

Virtual Frontman Plug-in Replaces Need for Human Vocalists
Air guitar T-shirt rocks for real
Virtual Instruments: The world of softsynths and samplers
View Forum - Virtual Instruments magazine
v.i. control forum Board Index
KVR: Virtual Instruments
KVR: The Complete VST Amp Sim List!
VST Central
GERSIC.COM free audio plugin database
Make Real Drums Sound Like An 80s Drum Machine - WikiRecording
Virtual Drum Machines at Audio Playground
PSP Rhythm is the homebrew drum machine for the Sony Playstation Portable
paul_slocum_yrs_rvng-dot matrix synth - Online drum lessons - Virtual drums
ascii drum set
Virtual Jazz Bass
EDrum For Free
Electronic drum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -- View topic - FREEWARE UB Instruments/FX, all formats
Windows plugins on your mac- VFX MAC Beta
Sesame Street: Herbie Hancock Makes Sounds

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